Wool Dryer Balls

Wool Dryer Balls

  • $5.00

This product is sold as a single wool dryer ball.  They can be used singly, but work best in pairs or threes.   The wool dryer balls are made from re-purposed wool sweaters and blankets, and are stuffed with actual sheep's wool or pieces of re-purposed wool fabric.

There are no chemicals or fragrances in the wool dryer balls.  Some people add a few drops of their favorite essential oil to leave a fresh scent on their clothes.  

Why use dryer balls in place of dryer sheets?  First of all, dryer sheets are covered in chemicals that can stay on the clothing and enter your family through their skin. Wool dryer balls have no added chemicals or fragrances.  Their presence in the dryer, creates space between the clothes and shortens drying time naturally, while also helping to eliminate static and softening fabric.

The color of the dryer balls will vary. 

Hand made by Kitzan Family Farms of Nisland, SD  57762.